Frequently asked questions

Arduino with Ultrasonic Sensor Equipment
Arduino with Ultrasonic Sensor Equipment

Who can join? We are aiming at the 7-17 age group for members but don’t stop reading if you are older as we are also keen to bring in more helpers to help the club grow.

How much will it cost? You can attend for free but please book a place via the link on the Home page of this site.

What equipment and languages are you using? We use a mixture of laptop (Windows and Linux), Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit and Arduino devices but if helpers or members have an interest in other devices we are happy to consider adding them to the mix.

What equipment will I need? Those who are already programming will probably have their own laptop, Raspberry Pi or Micro:bit which we encourage you to bring along. We have a limited supply of equipment for members to use if they don’t have their own but we hope they will be able to provide their own if they become a regular attendee. The equipment needed can be cheap to buy so shouldn’t impact pocket money too much! As an example, if you use an existing TV, keyboard and mouse you can just buy a Raspberry Pi from around £20-£30 and a Micro:bit can be bought for around £10.

Why are you called Worcester Park CoderDojo? The first part is easy to guess as we are based in Worcester Park! CoderDojo is a global network of free computer programming clubs for young people. This club is part of that network and you can see our entry at Worcester Park CoderDojo.

Who runs the club? The team is run by a group of adult mentors plus Youth Mentors from in and around Worcester Park. Support is also provided by Sutton Libraries who provide the location for our meetings. If you are interested in joining the team running the club please email info@wpcoderdojo.org.uk. Ideally you will already be familiar with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and similar devices but as long as you are keen to learn it’s not mandatory.

How was the club formed? The idea of a programming club in Worcester Park was suggested by a local resident in late 2014. The idea was then put to Sutton Libraries who were keen to offer the use of the library and provide other support.

The future

While trying to get this club up and running we were already thinking of the future – keen eh! Our main areas of growth and expansion are summed up in:

  • More members
  • More helpers
  • Clubs for adults
  • Expanded range of hardware and software
  • New locations in the London Borough of Sutton